Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We'll get this one out of the way early...

Rather than waiting till week 5 for the obvious to happen and for me to say the following, I'm gonna say something I did in my first blog: Tim Tebow is by far the greatest college football player I have ever seen. I didn't see the Wheaton Iceman singlehandedly destroy the Wolverines in a matter of minutes. I didn't experience Jim Brown as an Orangeman at the 'Cuse. I didn't see Herschel Walker run all over the SEC. Hell I barely saw Barry Sanders run rampant at Oklahoma State...I have seen Reggie Bush put up 500+ yards in a game and Vince Young dominate not one but two BCS Bowl games, and I can still say: Tim Tebow is the greatest football player to ever step foot on turf, grass, or any surface you can think of.

A lot has been made of the Christian Crusader turned superstar athlete in the past few weeks. It seems you can't walk by a newstand without having to endure the glare and/or smile of the blue and orange #15. Then people spend hours aimlessly on the web trying to find a flaw. Whether it's Mel Kiper saying Tebow can't play QB in the NFL or a message board catching a glimpse of a busty and beautiful brunette under Tebow's arm with cries of "CHRISTIAN?!?! he's definitely slept with that hottie." people can't just accept Tebow for the talent. According to the recent SEC media day, that cute girl with brown hair and large breasts...is not a notch on a imagined list of Gainesville gals that Tim has taken to bed. But the digression onto Tebow's personal llife is not a necessary one.

I'm here to talk about Tebow the player. The prisoner saving, secondary enslaving, touchdown rushing, linebacker crushing quarterback for the University of Florida Football team. A man who is perhaps the greatest player to ever pick up a pigskin at the collegiate level. Can anyone else in the history of the game claim two national titles, a heisman trophy, one of the greatest motivating speeches in sports history, and oh yeah...he's still got a year to go. Doubt the man all you want, but barring injury, the '09-'10 season won't have anything to do with a Sam or a Colt, but it will revolve solely around what the savior of Gator Nation can or can't do.

First let's start with what he can do:

-Win a second Heisman trophy

-Win a third national title

-Make his mark as the greatest college football player ever also while having a completely crazy off the field schedule as a missionary and a beacon of light in an otherwise jaded pop culture society where MTV has shows called 'Sixteen and Pregnant' and True Life: I'm a dirty dirty whore and don't care (okay so the last one was a little exaggerated, but you get the point.)

Now let's continue to what Timothy Tebow can't do:




There's yet to be a throw he hasn't been able to make, a tackle he couldn't break, a defender he couldn't shake. And if all goes as planned this year, Tim Tebow will have a chance to make Red Grange, Barry Sanders, Reggie Bush, Earl Campbell, or any other number of college football players that people consider the greatest, look like a bunch of mortals hoping to be said in the same sentence as #15 for the Gators, Timothy Richard Tebow: THE Greatest College Football player to ever play the game.

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