Thursday, July 16, 2009

Introduction Part Deaux

Ryan Sudol...Jersey born, Chicago bred...Not exactly the hot beds for college football, but that does not make me exempt from loving my Saturdays for one reason and one reason only: College Football. We'll start with a simple list of ten things that contribute to the way I watch and feel about college football.

1. I like underdogs...The first college campus I ever set foot on was Rutgers, and that's where my love of teams that shouldn't have a chance started. There's nothing that gets my adrenaline rushing more than seeing the upset alert flash across my ESPN ticker.

2. I hate USC...I hate everything that the University of Spoiled Children stands for. Kind of tying in with my love for the underdog, I hate the idea that a team in college can reload it's talent because of ridiculous amounts of money, and some very loyal boosters.

3. The BCS works...I used to be a huge advocate for a playoff in the FBS, but after further review, the BCS has really only failed once (the 13-0 Auburn Tigers), but aside from that, it has been a successful system for getting the best possible matchup year in and year out.

4. Fans like this guy...

Make Saturdays in a college town some of the most entertaining times you can possibly have.

5. Tim Tebow is the greatest college football player I have ever seen...PERIOD. You can try to argue all you'd like, but Reggie Bush is a very distant second place in my lifetime.

6. The teams I pay closest attention to for my own personal and selfish reasons: Scarlet Knights, Gators, Golden Gophers, Nittany Lions. I'm sure I'll get into more of why later in the season, but we're just getting started.

7. The Swamp will always be the toughest place to play. Until you've been able to stand on the field while nobody else is in the stadium and feel the chill of knowing you are in one of the greatest sporting arenas EVER...You will not be able to understand why. Michigan Stadium is the most unintimidating group of 100,000 boosters and old people sitting on their hands, so Blue fans, GET OFF MY BACK.

8. I am one of the few people that neither loves nor hates Notre Dame...As long as they show up to play and entertain me, I am not a Golden Dome hater.

9. Whenever I find a video like this one:

I'm gonna post it for your enjoyment

10. Did I mention Tim Tebow is the greatest football player in the world?

Either way, that's just a brief list of things to keep in mind when reading UnProfessional Football. There will also be various other writers contributing to this blog that have very different thoughts and feelings on the greatest sport in the world, but for the most part, I consider them very knowledgeable and entertaining in their thoughts on the sport.

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